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Bidding and Negotiation phase

In the Bidding and Negotiation phase, we will issue the Construction Documents to one preselected general contractor or several general contractors for competitive bidding. They will estimate their costs to construct the project, acquire competitive bids from multiple subcontractors for specific trades (plumbing, electrical, etc.), and submit bids for their work. We will respond to questions from bidders and revise the Construction Documents as needed for clarification.

Design Tasks

Issue Construction Documents for bidding
Respond to questions from bidders
Issue Addendum drawings to revise and clarify the Construction Documents (as applicable)
Submit permitting applications and documentation (as applicable)
Coordination with design and engineering consultants and contractor (as applicable)
Review bids

Information from Owner

Authorization to issue Construction Documents for bidding
Short-list of pre-qualified bidders (as applicable)

Proposed Meetings

Pre-bid Walkthrough - Meet with interested bidders at the project site to observe existing conditions, describe the scope of work, and respond to questions.

Bid Review Meeting - Review submitted bids and select the preferred general contractor

Contract Negotiation Meeting - Negotiate terms of the construction contract with the preferred contractor


Meeting Notes
Responses to Bidder Questions (Requests For Information)
Addendum Drawings (as applicable)
Bid Comparison
Opinion of Probable Cost
Project Schedule