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Construction Administration phase

In the Construction Administration phase, we will coordinate with the contractor to review construction progress and conformance with the Construction Documents. We will approve payments, respond to questions, and issue revisions to the Construction Documents as needed for clarification or changes in the work.

Design Tasks

Periodically observe construction progress and quality on site
Respond to questions from the contractor
Review scope and cost of changes requested by the owner or contractor
Revise the Construction Documents as required for clarification or changes
Review contractor’s Applications for Payment
Identify “Punch List” items for repair or completion at the end of construction
Coordination with design and engineering consultants (as applicable)

Information from Owner

Executed Contractor Agreement

Proposed Meetings

Construction Kick-off Meeting - Meet with contractor and subcontractors to review the scope of work, schedule, and Construction Administration procedures

Construction Meetings / Site Walkthroughs - Periodic meetings with the contractor to review construction progress, schedule, unforeseen conditions, proposed changes, etc.

Project Closeout Meeting - Complete closeout procedures and documentation (as-built drawings, warranties, manuals, etc.) after completion of construction


Meeting Notes
Requests for Information
Supplemental Instructions
Change Proposal Requests
Change Orders
Architect’s Certification of Payment
Certificate of Substantial Completion