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Predesign phase

In the Predesign phase, we will define the desired project scope, budget, and schedule, discuss conceptual design ideas, and identify potential project constraints including site, utility, permitting, or building code compliance issues.

Design Tasks

Initial documentation of existing conditions
General review of local zoning and permitting requirements
Document scope, conceptual design ideas, budget, and schedule

Information from Owner

Desired project scope
Desired project budget (if known)
Desired project schedule (if known)
Existing site plan / survey (if available)
Existing floor plans (if available)

Proposed Meetings

Initial Predesign Meeting - Observe existing conditions, define project scope, identify potential constraints. Discuss need for consulting engineers, surveyor, interior designer, landscape designer, and other professionals. Discuss contractor selection process.

Predesign Review Meeting - Present scope narrative, sketches, budget, and schedule for review and approval.


Meeting Notes
Scope Narrative
Conceptual Design Sketches
Preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost
Preliminary Project Schedule
Architectural Design Fee Proposal