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Construction Documents phase

In the Construction Documents phase, we will annotate and detail the building design approved in Design Development to create the set of documents a contractor will need to bid, permit, and construct the building.

Design Tasks

Annotate, dimension, and detail drawings
Size and detail structural framing and foundations
Prepare permitting applications and documentation (as applicable)
Coordination with design and engineering consultants and contractor (as applicable)
Update budget and schedule

Information from Owner

Approval of Design Development building design, budget, and schedule

Proposed Meetings

Construction Documents Coordination Meeting - Meet with consulting engineers, interior designer, landscape designer, contractor, etc. (as applicable).

Construction Documents Review Meeting - Present Construction Documents drawings, specifications, budget, and schedule for final review and approval


Meeting Notes
Site Layout Plan
Demolition Plans indicating areas of demolition and renovation
Floor Plans indicating new work
Reflected Ceiling Plans
Building Elevations
Building Sections
Interior Elevations
Construction Details (Wall Sections, Plan Details, Millwork Details, Window Details, etc.)
Structural Framing Plans and Details
Three-dimensional views of the exterior and interior
Building Code Analysis Plan
Opinion of Probable Cost
Project Schedule
Technical Specifications of material, fixture, and equipment selections