Design Phases

The process of designing, bidding, and building a new construction project is typically divided into several phases. This allows the space layout and general building design to be studied and approved before developing further detail in the design and documentation.


Predesign phase

In the Predesign phase, we will define the desired project scope, budget, and schedule, discuss conceptual design ideas, and identify potential project constraints including site, utility, permitting, or building code compliance issues. 

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Schematic Design phase

In the Schematic Design phase, we will study options for space layouts, building form and appearance, and general material, fixture, and equipment selections. 

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Design Development phase

In the Design Development phase, we will refine the approved space layout and building appearance, define detailed design criteria for each space, and make specific material, fixture, and equipment selections.

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Construction Documents phase

In the Construction Documents phase, we will annotate and detail the building design approved in Design Development to create the set of documents a contractor will need to bid, permit, and construct the building. 

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Bidding and Negotiation phase

In the Bidding and Negotiation phase, we will issue the Construction Documents to one preselected general contractor or several general contractors for competitive bidding. They will estimate their costs to construct the project, acquire competitive bids from multiple subcontractors for specific trades (plumbing, electrical, etc.), and submit bids for their work. We will respond to questions from bidders and revise the Construction Documents as needed for clarification. 

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Construction Administration phase

In the Construction Administration phase, we will coordinate with the contractor to review construction progress and conformance with the Construction Documents. We will approve payments, respond to questions, and issue revisions to the Construction Documents as needed for clarification or changes in the work. 

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